How to Connect HP Printer to wifi

There are many ways to connect your hp printer to the wifi network.  So there is the simplest method for the printers without slightly display employees or USB cable.

Disconnect the prevailing USB cable from your computer to the printer.

It is advised to attach the USB cable back to its position only prompted by the installer.

Based on the instructions within the installer, you’ll be ready to complete the installation successfully.

Install the software or driver for your printer to attach your computer and therefore the printer to a Wireless network.

Your Printer driver is often installed either by using the installation CD or it is often obtained from the respective websites.

Once the installation is completed, your printer is connected to a Wi-Fi network employing a USB Cable

These are some various methods to connect a printer to a wifi router or configure a hp wireless printer to wifi.

Printer using WPS connection you must have:-

A wireless HP printer

A router with a WPS button

A wireless network using a WPA or WPA 2 password.

For connecting the hp printer using the WPS method there are some essential steps required which have to follow by the user that is:-

1- Firstly switch on your portable Hp printer.

2- For connecting to the wireless network you should use the control present on the display panel.

3- For further process, Press the right arrow key and then tap setup.

4- Prefer the network setup and then choose wifi to protect setup wizard.

5- Select the network name from the list displayed.

6- Enter the Wpa pin or security pin and then tap done.

7- For confirming the setting Press Ok button.

8- Tap Ok, when the display prompts to print the wireless report.

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